Revit 2023 / Python3 - Dynamo 'add revisions to sheets' python code errors

I have been using a Dynamo script that adds a selected revision to all sheets in a project. It’s powered by a python code that I pinched from Archi-lab years ago. This was working up until Revit 2023 when I was forced to change the python node from IronPython2 to CPython3.

The script is failing at lines 49 and then 53. On line 49 the error I’m getting is "list object has no attribute “add” which I seem to be able to get past if I replace .Add with .append (unsure if this is even a solution). But once I get past that error I am faced with another error on line 53: "No method matches given arguments for SetAdditionalRevisionIds: (<class ‘list’>).

I’m guessing this is related to the changes in Python engines but I’m pretty stumped and hoping somebody can help me troubleshoot. I’m unable to upload the Dynamo script due to being a new user, but I have taken snips of everything needed to replicate the graph. Thank you for your time!

Why not use the zero touch node for this which is in the archi-lab package?

Are you referring to this custom node in the Archi-Lab package?

Perhaps - though if you are in 2023 you’re in the wrong version of Archi-Lab (check that link - your version should end in 23).

I downloaded the Archi-Lab package 2023.213.1523, and found the ‘Add Revisions to Sheet’ node. It’s almost identical to the Python node I posted above, but in 2023 I needed to also install the DynamoIronPython package as well due to the dependency on IronPython2. I’m all set now, was able to get everything working as intended. Thanks for the help!

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