"Set Revision on Sheet" node?

Where to get or how to create “Set Revision on Sheet” node? Just to note i am faily new to dynamo and might not understand how to fully input a python script in a node. Any help will be appreciated.

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There is a node in the archilab package and a good description of the workflow on @Konrad_K_Sobon’s blog.

Sounds like you may want to run through the primer before you start though.

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That was literally the tree i was trying to replicate but had no luck. I got as far as trying to create the “Set Revision on Sheet” node but i just dont know how to im guessing. Ive searched around on how to place in a python script in a node but i couldnt find any clear directions. Please take a look at my dyanmo script below im sure it needs work. Also, would you be able to explain what a primer is?
Test - Set all revisions.dyn (13.0 KB)

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Primer is here.


I’m out of the office but can try and look that over tomorrow if I have time. If you can attach a screenshot I can give some tips that way until then. Primer will likely answer most initial questions if you run through it.

For what it’s worth, you should be able to add nodes from the archilab package - no need (and really not ideal) to mess with python or recreate the archilab nodes in your script.

Thanks alot for the help. Oh yes, that was one of the sites i checked to figure out how to set up a custom node so i tried to do it this way by placing the code from the website into the python script

but back in my dynamo it just comes out like this

Here is a full snippet of my script and a snippet of the revision dialog box from an example sheet after the script has been run

None of the revision boxes got checked after the script was run.Please let me know if more information from me could help understand whats going on here. Again thanks for the help.

I’ll say this again: read through the primer and do the exercises. You’ve missed a few basic things in your attempt to recreate Konrad’s efforts, and you’re going to get very frustrated very quickly if you continue to try and run in this program before you learn to walk in it.

Lastly, use the archilab node instead of trying to re-create that work. I just tested the workflow and the package. The nodes you want are there and work. @Konrad_K_Sobon puts a TON of effort into that package and is kept up to date very well - it’s frankly a herculean effort and better support for than we see from companies who are paid to keep up with this stuff. Actually using those parts and pieces is the least you can do to support him, as well as ensure that your stuff gets corrected when the next version of Revit pops up and breaks a portion of the python code you don’t yet understand.

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Thanks for advising here and thanks to @Konrad_K_Sobon for what hes doing for the Dynamo community. I will continue to gain more knowledge through the primer and get more familiar with the program!