Changing Revision on sheets

Hello everybody,

I’m starting to learn how to use dynamo in revit and I want to change the revision on multiple sheet at a time but I can’t seem to able to get it asi i can’t find the “add revisions to sheet” that should come with the archi-lab package. Does anybody have an idea how I could do it? I don’t jnow python so I’m kinda stuck

Hi @enns.gary,

You can find the Add Revisions to Sheet node in the category archilab/Revit/Revisions

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I don’t know whay I don’t have it

Update archilab version:

  • Check your version installed archi-lab: Packages > Manage packages, latest is 2020.23.5
  • You can update it the same way as you installed it.

Are you sure you are using dynamo 2.x? the latest version is 2.0.3