Revit 2022 Dynamo not working

Hi all,

I’m trying to run Dynamo in Revit 2022 and it’s behaving badly.

Nodes either appear strangely or not at all

There is a warning in the notifications

See attachments.

Anyone experienced this?


DR 01|690x471
DR 02

It’s likely an add-in conflict. The Rhythm error is ignorable though as it is not a “real” error. Rhythm is made by targeting a lower RevitAPI dll and Dynamo gets mad and throws that ridiculous error for it.

But your addins could be loading DLLs that are causing Dynamo issues. (XceedWPF is a big one).

@JacobSmall normally has a lot of good info about this (like the post below):

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Hi John. Much appreciated. I’ll start deleting add-ins.

I’d start with ensuring they are all up to date. A lot of the ones listed have previously had conflicts but updates should resolve the issue.

As always if you have specific issues please post the specific behavior here or to the GitHub issues section so that the community can help out with our historic knowledge or the development team can review directly.

It looks like it was an add-in. I removed a bunch I never use anyway and the problem stopped.