Dynamo has detected a conflict with a dependency and may be unstable

Hi guys,
i’m having a problem like this, currently i am working with forge library in my Revit 2022, this library is loaded during the working of the project in my add-in, but it is hindering using dynamo with this error, anyone have a solution any or has this been updated on 2.13 any answer is appreciated !
Some Detail Error :

While loading assembly Autodesk.Forge, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null, Dynamo detected that the dependency RestSharp, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=598062e77f915f75 was already loaded with an incompatible version. It is likely that another Revit Addin has loaded this assembly, please try uninstalling other Addins, and starting Dynamo again. Dynamo may be unstable in this state.
It is likely one of the following assemblies loaded the incompatible version:
***.Ribbon, GregRevitAuth, Greg, DynamoPackages

Dynamo Core :
Dynamo Revit :

same over here. reinstalled revit, disabled all plugins. still not working.

Problem come from core of Dynamo Revit, so it only resolve by team working with Dynamo Revit, I has spend time too much to modify but can’t fix this problem.

I see the same. Installed Revit 2022.1.2 hotfix but problem remains.
The Package Manager is not visible so i can’t uninstall addins or packages

This issue is still going on… anyone find a fix yet?

Anyone here has a solution?

I have the same issue. Nothing seems to fix it.
All dynamo scripts open ´empty´

Try deleting (depending on your version):
%appdata%\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit\2.12\DynamoSettings.xml
and everything in %appdata%\Local\Temp
Then you have to set the Package paths again after starting Dynamo.

Autodesk made a post about it but I forget where.

It is only not working for Revit 2022.
All other versions I have run smoothly.
I have also reinstalled/ updated Dynamo so I have the latest version.
Have disabled other Add-ins. That did not help.

Not sure how I could delete/uninstall packages that I have for Dynamo 2022.
And the last resort is to re-install RVT 2022, although from this thread it looks like it didn’t help anyone.