Revit 2022 - Dynamo 2.10 - Package not showing up and icons missing

Might want to follow here for updates: GitHub - ksobon/archilab: this is dynamo repo

Thank you!

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Hi @aflamish, I was wondering what node you were needing specifically from archi-lab. I can comment over there too, but figured it was worth asking over here just in case it is fixable (quicker) with a simple python script.

It’s the nodes having to do with the revision schedules. I made a script to use the issues/ revisions to fill out our drawing matrix and now it doesn’t work cause archi-lab is the only package that hasn’t been upgraded yet. I should have known better than to upgrade before looking/ testing it out, but my production team was pushing for 2024 due to other features that got fixed in the software.

Ah I see, yeah I would be curious what Konrad says as well. I know (as a package author) the 2024 upgrade has made it quite difficult to make 1 package work across several Revit versions.


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