Revit 2020.2 with Dynamo 2.3 Launched

Dear All,

Revit 2020.2 is launched to boost the productivity with new automation workflows in Dynamo.

You can download with your subscription from



Hello, I can’t see any update file revit 2020.2 on Tab Product Updates, please tell me how can Download update? tks!

Hi @minhrow

Have you clicked the link below :point_down:?

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Yes, I did but nothing new appearance
just only this thing

Thank you so much @Kulkul for your help. You guide me how to solve through PM. I was using Standalone license and the update was inside AllProductsAndServices-> UpdatesandAddons.

Thanks you so much!

Hi @minhrow,
Just for your information; if you open Autodesk desktop app; all the available updates will be there for your installed Autodesk products.

Is anyone else having issue opening older DYN files?
Quite often it doesn’t want to show the nodes and it is unresponsive.

Do you have a file this consistently repeats with?

I have been removing some packages and now it does not seem to happen. I’ll do a bit more testing later and update this thread if needed.

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sounds like this issue: