Try Dynamo 2.15 in Revit Preview Release July 2022!

Dear Dynamo for Revit customers,

Keeping users satisfied has always been our top priority. Now Dynamo 2.15 is available in Revit Preview Release July 2022, you can be the first ones to test the beta version (Revit Preview Build), to try your real models and scripts with Revit nodes working in Dynamo 2.15.

All you need to do are just a few steps:

  1. Register or log into the Autodesk beta forum at:, with signing Customer Research Agreement (NDA).
  2. Register into Revit Preview project. You will be approved in 2-3 working days after applying.
  3. Download Revit Preview - July 2022 Install Build (working software).

After testing the working software, you are welcomed to provide your feedback on User Forums.
Your opinions will directly influence how the features will be developed!


@gina.liu the first link appears to be a bad address for me; can we confirm this is correct?

Will this include the new Graph Node Manager from this post Dynamo Core 2.15 Release

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Yes! The new Graph Node Manager is there too.
What’s in Dynamo 2.15 are all available in the Revit July build as well.

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After clicking , it should lead you to this page:

Working after resetting my cache. Must have had some bad cookies. :slight_smile:

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