The newest version of Dynamo for Revit 2020

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it is really complicated to keep yourself updated. As I heard and read you can update Dynamo within Revit 2020 in Autodesk Desktop-App. My Revit 2020 is updated and I got only Dynamo 2.2. I saw that some people have 2.3 and even there is 2.5. The question: How can I get the newest version for Revit 2020?

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I think they split Dynamo Revit and Dynamo Core into two different paths.
I don’ t know for sure.
So i think you can update Dynamo Core (Sandbox) to 2.5 and work with a lower Dynamo Revit version.
@JacobSmall can fill in the details i guess. :slight_smile:

Thank you Marcel for your answer. I already downloaded the Sandbox but as I know you can use only Core Functions of Dynamo… You can use there Revit nodes and interact with Revit.

True, but i thought i had seen a way to update Dynamo Core, and still work with Dynamo Revit (mixed).
I"ll see if i can find it

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In revit 2020 you can only update dynamo via revit updates. The current max version for revit 2020 is Dynamo 2.3 which came out with revit 2020.2 update. Do make sure you get the hotfix which is 2020.2.1.

Currently this is the highest supported dynamo version for revit 2020.

If you follow the way to get dynamo core 2.5 into revit 2020, this is probably unsupported from autodesk and I personally would suggest you never do this on a production computer. Also this will only update the core part of Dynamo and will not include any fixes/new/modified Revit nodes that could come out with the official Dynamo revit release.


I have no updates for German version of Revit 2020. Maybe it is about German version? The latest version is 2020.2 for now.

There are no separate language versions for revit, all of them installed if you install one of them, you can specify which language to start in the desktop or start menu shortcut. The latest Revit version is 2020.2.1, and you should update to that if you are on 2020.2, because there is a serious bug in 2020.2. You can safely install the english version updates.

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^ This is 100% true and well said. Definitely get that 2020.2.1 update as well as it’ll protect you and everyone you work with from some otherwise avoidable downtime.

^ This is also very well said. However I’d edit that this is COMPLETELY TOTALY and CERTAINLY unsupported from Autodesk. We don’t support what we don’t issue and that certainly applies here.



Hi Deniz,

just for your information. I have installed the german version of Revit also with the update/bug fix (
Try to take a look again at the Autodesk Desktop-App to update your version.

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Hallo Max,

thank you very much for info. I check the app again but it show no updates for Revit available. I will try to download from Autodesk website.

What are the build numbers you see here:

I checked it now, I don’t even have the 2020.2 it is still 2020.1. Can someone copy the link from Autodesk Account? Under product updates you can find the link to direct download. I can’t open it because I use network licence and I don’t want to fight with IT to explain how it goes…

There is here a link but it does not work :S

On the autodesk website it indicates the following, and would hint that 2020.2.1 hotfix update contains the 2020.2 update.

Hello Brendan,

That is right! I just need a download link to that file. You can find it on your Autodesk Account > Product Updates and Revit 2020.2.1 and there you might find the download link. I can’t unfortunately download it because I use network licence. I don’t have an account, to that Revit is assigned.

Could you please copy the link here?

Sorry i do not have a direct download link.

It may be worth speaking to the person within your organisation that has access to the autodesk accounts page to get this update for you?

Thanks Julian! You are the man!

I removed the link to the " solution" to your question too.

Hello Marcel,

IT has intalled the update and it works perfectly now! What I don’t understand is: why does Autodesk keeps update links secret? In Autodesk App we can’t see sometimes all updates…

We don’t.

However not all users are entitled to such downloads based on their service contract and the way their account is configured by the contract manager at their company (this is effectively the person who signs the purchase contract). Each user’s situation is unique so ‘bulk’ discussion of this effectively becomes an issue pileup in a hurry as likely no two users on this thread have the same setup, and any single user’s specific details cannot be shared in an open forum due to data privacy restrictions. If you would like further info on your specific situation it’s best to bring it up with the contract manager for your license or ask an Autodesk representative who has access to the database (you can reach them by creating a new help ticket).

The IT made a mistake I think. They downloaded the products and installed and check the updates without logging in Autodesk App. That was the problem I guess. I told them to log in and check it again, after that there were more updates for other products. We use network licence and as I remember the contract manager has to assign all acounts the products but we did not do that because I don’t have any admin rights… they use their account to do that stuff. Anyway, it was too complicated but in the end I got 2020.2.1 with Dynamo 2.3.

Thanks guys!

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