REVIT 2019 / DYNAMO 2.01

I have read several notes on installations issues and / or conflicting installs. I have removed earlier versions as well as removed Dynamo Studio, gone into regedit and removed all references to DYNAMO, rebooted and repaired / reinstalled REVIT 2019 or 2018 still get a crash in DYNAMO only forcing me to close out of REVIT and restart.

Currently I have REVIT 2018 and REVIT 2019 installed on a BOXX System. Here is what I get:
Open and Architectural Template
go to manage click on Dynamo (Core and Revit get two notifications

Dynamo has detected a conflict with a dependency and may be unstable. If any issues are detected, please uninstall addins or packages and contact the provider.

No packages installed

Close Dynamo and receive
Uh-oh…something went wrong and Dynamo has crashed. Sorry about that. You will get a chance to sve your work.

Have to shut down and restart Revit to use Dynamo again.

If I install and open Dynamo Studio nothing everything is fine. Does anyone know of any issues 2.1 has with within Revit?

Thank You

The notification also will say what addin is conflicting under details,
Also, the stack trace will help identify the issue during the crash, copy and paste the entire thing here.

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Found the conflict. Its VRAY for REVIT