Revit 2012, What Dynamo Build?

Hi Everyone,

I have to work on an old project using Revit MEP 2012. Is there a limit to what version of Dynamo Build I should install on this version of Revit?


I’m not sure, but under Autodesk’s “3 prior versions” licensing, does your Revit 2012 still work ?

Although upgrading across such a wide gap in versions may be problematic, I would try this route first


Try with one of the 0.6 versions. If I remember correctly, I managed to run 0.63 on 2012. Tho I think you had to install it in 2013/2014 first and then copy the addin to make it work…

Thanks for the replies. I’ll try out the 0.6/0.63 versions as mentionned.

To many crashes happen for me with 0.6.3. and I have no programming experience to modify python scripts to react well. At least I tried something. Thanks for the suggestion.

0.7.1 doesn’t work either… I tried!


Did you tried Dimitar’s solution?

Do you have other Revit version or just 2012 is installed?