Dynamo for Revit 2015

Hello there, so about when will Dynamo be compatible with Revit 2015? I have it installed but I’ve got a lot of stuff I wanna do with Dynamo and deadline is near :slight_smile:

Dynamo is compatible with Revit 2015. Note that there are two builds that were just released: version 0.6.3 is production-ready while version 0.7.0 is the alpha release for what is to come. Were you having trouble installing Dynamo?

I wanted to install the 0.6.3 as I was tending to use it in production work, I couldn’t find “Dynamo for revit 2015” in the “select components” stage of installation. Is 0.7 the version compatible with 2015?

Just checked, same with 0.7.0… Also, I did install 0.7.0 after 6.3.0 but it doesn’t give me a choice of which one I want to run, 0.7.0 Alpha is all there is :\

Hi Arek,

Wow . … I don’t think Revit 2015 is even officially released yet. Dynamo 0.7 will be working towards compatibility with r2015, but the installer for both .7 and .6 only points to Revit 2013, 2014, and Vasari Beta 3. Both will PROBABLY work pretty well with r2015, but we have not been testing against it yet. If you want to try living on the edge, you could mess around with your addin manifest files and copy the Dynamo .addin files from r2014 into your r2015 directory: C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Revit\Addins\2014. For production work you should stick with 0.6.3 running on Revit 2014.

I solved the installation problem by copying the addin files from C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Revit\Addins\2014 and pasted them in the 2015 folder, works perfectly so far!

I still don’t know why the version selector isn’t showing, I can see the addin file where it should be.

I edited the .OLD file extension to .Addin and now Revit shows me the two versions of Dynamo next to each other and I can call whichever I want instead of “selecting” between them.

Haha posted those together, thanks for everything Zach!