All Revisions per sheet written to Excel

Please show your last List.Transpose node output

Hi Salvatore,

Here is the screen grab of the latest .dyn output…

please send a link to your Revit file.

Hi again,

Unfortunately I can not publish the model I am working on as it is a government building that is sensitive. But I have created a test project and the Dynamo graph behaves exactly the same.

If I only have one sheet in the project the information comes out correctly but as soon as I add more sheets the information overwrites itself in the Excel file. If you keep the Excel file open while you run the graph, you can observe the information being written and you can see how it overwrites the information to the first cell in Excel.

There definitely seems to be an issue in the Dynamo graph that is not spreading the information across the Excel spreadsheet and it is sending each entry to the first cell in Excel, leaving me with only the information of the last sheet.

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Test Project.rvt (488 KB)

it has to do with your list structure. For the first sheet in the dummy Revit file, how would like the data to be exported in the Excel File? What would you expect to see?

Hi Salvatore,

I am trying to extract all the sheets from the project and then I want to see all the revisions that are assigned to each sheet, so the output should show the sheet name and number and then list all revisions (whether they be from revision clouds or from the “Revision on Sheet” function), I want to see ALL revisions assigned to each sheet and the revisions will show their sequence number the date of the revision and the description of the revision. Something like this…

Sheet Number: A-102
Sheet Name: Slab Setout
Revision Numbers: 1, 5, 7, 15
Revision Dates: 01/05/18, 02/06/18, 03/07/18, 04/08/18, 05/09/18
Revision Descriptions: For Information, For CD, For CC, Walls Ammended, For Construction

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Hi @desmond.bolton ,

What I meant was that you have you have clear how your data will look in Excel.

For example it could look like that:

Once you have decided that, you have to manipulate your data.

The Excel.WriteToFile node writes each list in a Excel row.

So you need to arrange your data accordingly. Also your structure has to be this type and not (which you have at the moment)

Read this article about list structure:

I hope this helps

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Hi Salvatore,

Thanks for sticking with me on this, and that image that you have posted is exactly what I want to see in Excel, sorry for the confusion.

This is where I am getting stuck though… I see what you mean about the [][] being required by the Excel.WriteToFile node but how do I get my information from []…[] to [][]?

I have tried to flatten the list at various levels but it does not give me the correct output, it will output just the sheet numbers or just the sheet names etc.

As I have mentioned before, I am a newby to Dynamo and I have no previous programming experience, but I am definitely learning as we go along.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can get my list from []…[] to [][] and have it export the data in the format that you have illustrated in your Excel screengrab?

Thanks heaps,

it will take you a few nodes in order to get the data how you want it:

I would start splitting the data because of the different structure

You’ll need to use List@Level with your nodes to manipulate your data.

Give it a try a post where you get stuck.

Hi Salvatore,

I have tried that already and I got stuck again because once you split the data you can not put two streams of data into the Excel.WriteToFile node, you can only wire one at a time. So, I put in a List.Combine node and put that into the Excel.WriteToFile node but I just ended back where I started. The output was even more weird than before I did the split. Am i doing it right?

Hi @desmond.bolton you need split it first and put back together at the end

What I do is utilize Pivot Tables in Excel than to get Dynamo to List out Data as you desire. Have you tried testing that route?

similar/same topic

@Andrew_Hannell - do you have a Revit Ideas feature request in for this?

Hi @desmond.bolton you need split it first and put back together at the end

Hi Salvatore,

This is my problem… How do you do this?


I have no experience with pivot tables so unfortunately I can’t do this.


Hi Everyone,

Still struggling but still trying :slight_smile:

I have made some progress, I think… Here is my latest .dyn version with each list split from the rest and then combined and flattened. At least I am getting the information spread across the Excel sheet now and it is in a readable format, my current graph will not allow me to run the data through a transpose node, which is what I would like to do to present the information like Salvatore’s previous post which has the Excel image of how the data should be displayed.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Revisions on Sheet 5.dyn (32.5 KB)


Hi Desmond
This will not solve your problem, but simplify your graph heaps, you are turning into lists and flattening subsequently which is kind of counterproductive have a look here for how to simplify:

Hi @desmond.bolton

Add “List.Transpose” node before the data input.

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Hi @Jonathan.Olesen

Thanks for your response but joining the lists as you have mentioned does not produce anything more desirable, it is in fact how I had my graph originally, before Salvatore mentioned the need to split the data. What you have mentioned here just puts each list on top the other in Excel.