Revision amout

Dear all,
I’m struggle with a “simple” issue.
I need to collect the amount of revision on sheet.
For exemple, let’s say I have 2 revisions on Sheet A ans 3 revisions on sheet B

I need to get this value (2 and 3) and to repport it into my own parameter.

I managed to get revision amount but it’s impossible for me to convert it into a numerical value.

Any help is welcome!


You have to convert the List.Count output to Strings.


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@bvs1982 ,

Element.SetParameterByName need an element.

Try this:

@jw.vanasselt I didn’t notice this error in his .dyn. :nerd_face:

@bvs1982 ,

me either, it´s very obvirse - like gramma :wink:

@bvs1982 @Draxl_Andreas Haha lol :slight_smile:

This still also needs to be done.

@bvs1982 ,

when you solve an error in an error. it is still an error :wink:

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I get to that solution at the end

thanks all

I am pretty sure you don’t need the String.ToNumber.

Also mark a reply as solution please. :wink:


@bvs1982 ,

designScript! :wink: