Revision on Sheet Property

thanks again Steven,

no luck yet, I am quite new for Dynamo, so is it something wrong?

Sorry Calvin,

From memory you will need to create a new Node to use the loop function within. thats why it was a seperate node in my definition.

if you just basically cut and paste that code into a new node then use that node it should work

all seems fine, but the excel only list the revisions as below.


the sheet number and name didn’t list out.

the data have been retrieved, but at some point not listed out in excel.

thanks for your time to figure out.

Hi Steven,

finally, I reached a similar result, but all revisions become dashed…

not sure did i do something wrong.

please see the dyn file for your reference and see if you can have time to check.

many thanks.

CalvinRevision Export.dyn (239.8 KB)

Hi Calvin,

I cant open your file it tells me it is corrupt.

I would suggest maybe re-downloading my version again, plugging in your custom node and trying that?


yes, the archi-lab package cause dynamo clash as well. will download and try again. thanks.

as per the images previously, can you point me out why the revisions all become - ?



Hi Steve, thanks very much for you well-done job. I’ve download your Dyn file and try to customize the LoopWhite node BUT the output (as captured) seem to not works as yours. I’ve attached my Dyn here please could you advise if Im missing anything as I believe there isn’t anything “coloured” warning in the script like Red or Yellow.
Much appreciated !!!
Revision Export_Copy.dyn (230.4 KB)