Revision.ByName - Revision Number "1" Used More Than Once Error

I’m upgrading a graph from 2.6 to 2.13/2.16 and have run into this error where the Revision.ByName node fails with the error “Revision Number “1” is used more than once”. I’m forced to hit cancel and no revision is created.

It’s a fairly straightforward graph that never had any issues in previous versions of Dynamo. Here’s the relevant section (everything beyond this is frozen at the moment).

Any clues?

Hi, have you found a solution to your issue with this node in Revit 2023? I’m facing similar problems and found a workaround by adjusting the minimum number of digits to 3 in the numbering settings. Although, now Dynamo is adding its own prefix to the numbering sequence which was not the case in previous versions of Revit. Have you encountered this as well