Dynamo and Revit 2017

I’m at my wit’s end here. I have a Dynamo script that has been working on a Revit 2017 project for months. All of sudden it doesn’t work anymore. Specifically the nodes related to revisions from any package have stopped working. What’s strange is that the script functions normally in Revit 2019 without any change. I’ve tried upgrading Revit 2017, Dynamo, and the Dynamo packages to their latest builds and still nothing.
Any ideas?

Can you show some screenshots of any error messages you get as well as inform of the version of your Dynamo?

Dynamo V:
See the attached image. The nodes dealing with revisions simply pull null values and that’s it. Notice that there is a revision identified but when I feed it into Revision Properties (@Konrad_K_Sobon) or any other revision related node (even those outside of the Archi-Lab package) all I end up with is Null.

One more strange detail is that the same thing happens to other computers in my office. Very strange…