Revision.ByName - Dynamo 2 Revit 2019 not adding new Revisions


Revision.ByName does not add new revisions on each run or refresh, or dynamo player execute.

When issued is set to true, there is an error.

How do I create a new Revision each time it runs?.

You should either feed it lists of information so it creates them all at one time, or use Dynamo player to do this with String nodes set to IsInput. I think it’s an element binding issue the way Dynamo works. The other option would be to try and disconnect one of the nodes between runs then reconnect to save the new revisions.

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Thanks SeanP

The trouble is that when I run this through dynoplayer it is not adding a new revision.

What is the error message it gives in yellow?

What is it doing?

Hey guys @jacob.small @SeanP @Justin_Wright ,

Have u guys figured out the solution to the problem ?
I (think I) have the same problem. Whenever i run the script it does not create new Revisions but overwrites old ones created with the script.
It does not matter if I run it through dynamoPlayer or even if I close Revit entirely and open the project to run the script again (in one day at least, without shutting down my pc) it still overwrites older Revisions (randomly, sometimes just overwrites 1 of 3, sometimes 2 of 4 but never none of them) instead of just adding at the end.

Here is an image of the input:

Hope u guys found a solution.

This is likely element binding. Check your file by opening in a text editor and make modifications acordingly. I have a good post on this here: Element Binding in Revit, and presented on it at AU (the link is in the thread in that first post).


Thank you Jacob,

I will watch the AU presentation :+1:

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