Binding Bug?

I have noticed recently by accident that i have been getting dynamo to not save binding data under a certain circumstances.

I have replicated it in the following steps:

  1. Have revit and dynamo, run script and save script and revit after script has been run(eg after geometry in revit created)
  2. Close the script
  3. reopen script it indicates a “*” to indicate it has changed so click save. (notice file size reduces??)
  4. Then if you close dynamo and revit.
  5. Reopen revit and dynamo then the script
  6. ReRun the script will create new elements.

Hope this helps the team to investigate on if this is actually a bug or by design because this is possibly breaking any Binding lines some may come to need/aware of.

@solamour @JacobSmall @Michael_Kirschner2


  • windows 10
  • Revit 2021 and Dynamo 2.6
  • Also tested on revit 2019 and dynamo 2.0.4
  • Dynamo 2.6 has no packages installed
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are you reopening the script on the same .rvt file? Are the elements unchanged?

Can you post a sample DYN - the specifics of the node in question need to be followed to track binding issues (ie: if you used a method which circumvents bindings to make walls, and a node which has bindings to make tags… things go sideways).

Binding with loose Python nodes is also a bit… dicey, specifically if multiple elements are created.


I didn’t move, modify or delete any elements and it ends up creating the same elements in the same place. As long as you follow the above workflow, I also used the Structural Advanced Sample file as a base(copied to a place where i can write updates to the file).

The nodes are all out of the box and no python code either. The only warning i get is the “Working out of range error”.

It is on the same revit file, and yes i am reopening the script/dynamo as what i indicated in the above workflow.

If I re-open the script after first run it updates the geometry, it is as if you did not click run again after re-opening and you save the file seems to start having this appear.

File: Bridge.dyn (56.3 KB)

tracked this internally with DYN-3437

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