List of Revit parameters accessible thru Dynamo for MEP calcs

Hi Everyone,

My engineering team would like to know if there’s a way of knowing what Revit parameters are accessible thru Dynamo in order to justify budgets to develop Dynamo for Revit MEP design calculations? Or I maybe it would be shorter to say what Dynamo can’t access without developping our own Python Scripts. Obviously, many of you have already developped packages that help in this direction, so thanks! Example I experienced thru help from contributors on this forum was that I can’t modifiy a parameter inside of dialogue box without using Python. (duct fitting Specific loss coefficient = The loss method was accessible but not the value in the dialogue box.)


You are able to get the value of all parameters for a giving element or a list of elements. You are then able to set all of these parameters (as long as they can be set within Revit). If you do a quick search on here you will find many post about reading and setting parameters.