Changing the value of a shared parameter using dynamo


I wrote this short script to see if I can change the value of a family parameter or not. The code runs without any error or warning, but the parameter value in revit does not change. Can anybody help me?
I checked the value of the parameter in Dynamo and it shows me that it has changed to a new value but this would not be reflected in the model.

You will need to load the Family back into the mod just like you would if you were doing it manually.

Manual Steps:

  1. Open Family
  2. Edit Parameter
  3. Save
  4. Load into Model
    4a. Update Param Values

So far in Dynamo you have steps 1 and 2. There are many posts on this topic so a little searching should probably uncover steps 3 and 4.

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That’s what I asked for here in the forum. If I knew how to do that, I wouldn’t ask.

As I mentioned, a little bit of searching the forum would be helpful as no one wants to just do your work for you.

Another option may be to look at the Orchid package by @erfajo.

erfajo/OrchidForDynamo: This repository contains the content of the Orchid package for Dynamo (

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Thank you @SeanP for your reply. I will try to use the Orchid Package.