Return coordinate angles of columns from Revit


I wanted to know if there is a way in Dynamo to find the coordinates of the corners of a column imported from Revit.

I have to export all the values in excel


Hi David,

Are you looking for Top Coordinates or bottom of the column?

thanks Kulkul,
bottom of the column, the supporting base, I need this information for setting on site

Below is an example workflow of 4 columns.

Sorry KulKul,

I can not see the image, I do not know why, can yuo send me an e mail or a private message on the forum??


ok, sorry, now i see all image… one minute

No Problem. Here is the dyn file Columns Botttom Coordinates.dyn (7.0 KB)

ok with a standard column It works very well!! thanks… now i have this problem/error with my type of column

warning: Unable to compute edge from curve : NO_CUR_BB – No current bulletin board exists.

what does it mean?


Try this,

After “AllElementsOfCategory” use these nodes -> “Element.Geometry” -> “Geoemetry.Explode” -> Surface.FilterByOrientation. See if that helps.

Thanks Kul,

Your solution worked!!

Now… i would like filter my ELEMENT by workset befor ELEMENT.FACES… is it possible? because I would be able to choose the work area on the same project.
is there any function?

thank you so much for your help

Hi David

In this case. You need to start new topic your question is off topic. Thanks :slight_smile:

Right! sorry


You could try this too…
ColumnsBotttomVertices.dyn (7.2 KB)

thanks Vikram,

with your solution i have a little problem

but it would definitely be a lighter solution

Introduce a Flatten node between Element.Geometry and Topology.Vertices

nothing, gives me the usual error

Seems like not all geometry in Element.Geometry list are Solids.
Try filtering out no solids and see it it works.
You could use RemoveIfNot node to do so