Extracting coordinates of a 3D model from Revit


I’m having difficulties with a task at work, where the goal is to export Revit geometry to txt file, using dynamo to organize the geometry data in a nice way. The geometry is intended to be represented as coordinate points, but I can’t seem to find a way to extract x, y, z - coordinates from my Revit file to dynamo. Can someone guide me in the right direction?

Assuming you have found the points than Point.X, Point.Y, and Point.Z should do the trick.

In addition to what @JacobSmall said, the GeniusLoci package can do all necessary transforms of coordinates.

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Thank you for replying. My issue might by with Revit, but hopefully it can be solved here. I havent found the points that I want to export from Revit to Dynamo. I am able to export geoemtry from Revit, but unable to get the coordinates.

What i would like is to extract all corner coordinates from an element.
Start element 1 Node 1 (x,y,z), Node 2(x,y,z), Node 3(x,y,z), Node 4(x,y,z).
End element 1 Node 5 (x,y,z), Node 6(x,y,z), Node 7(x,y,z), Node 8(x,y,z).

Your Geometry > Topology.Vertices > Vertex.PointGeometry > Point.X / Point.Y / Point.Z

You may want to filter a bit before passing data, perhaps by pulling the sketch, or getting other info rather than feeding it a complex solid.

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Thanks a lot. That seemed to do it.

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