Room corner coordinates

hi there All

I am still very new to this, so I’m still trying as I go…

So what I need to get from my model, is all rooms corner coordinates, on the level they belong to.

So the way I have tried approaching it, is by following this thread, but no luck (probably because i’m not sure, what im doing :slight_smile: )

So what I am trying to do, is:

  • Find all rooms geometry
  • Find the bottom of the room, by finding where it intersects with the level.
  • Divide this to lines
  • Find the startpoint.


Something like this?

oooh yes, is it that simple…? :open_mouth:

What are the coordinates in relation to here? is that from origin in the model or is it from base point or?

it relates to revit 0,0,0 point (the same as Survey and Project base point in a new file with the “None” template)

I found, that in my model it is according to the “project base point”. Problem is, that i need the coordinates to be in relations to the “survey point” is there a way to change that in your graph`?

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Hi Bjarke,

Add the node Convert Point in Coordinate Systems of the Genius Loci package after the node Curve.StartPoint.


Nice node @Alban_de_Chasteigner. I was just trying this way, it should work as well:



Thanks for the graph Alban! But is it only available for Dynamo 2.0? Because for the time beeing, we only use Revit 2016, and older versions of Dynamo… :confused:

And I am going to try yours as well LucaManzoni!


The node is also available in Dynamo 1.3. (I didn’t test it in Dynamo 1.2)