Retrieving Dynamo Node Values from Excel


I’m looking for some help to expand on my existing dynamo script.

This is my Dynamo script. It looks at Duct Accessories for a parameter “Asset Type” and if the value matches “Fire System Damper”, it will populate two other parameter values (in this example "OmniClass info).

What i’m looking to do is to pull the “Fire System Damper” value from a Excel sheet and have it move to the next row in Excel once the top row is completed.

Here is an example of what I think the Excel file would look like. After I get the OmniClass info done, I want to do the same for Acronym and Asset Group columns

Any help would be much appreciated.


I was able to get a bit further by adding the Data.ImportExcel node and building that out. Now I think my issue is the columns have multiple rows of data and I need the dynamo script to run through each one one-by-one but it’s trying to run through all of them at once. I think…
Asset Type Automation.dyn (147.2 KB)


I would expect you’ll need to edit the data structure to get what you want… To tell Dynamo that you want this item to only have this data, you group up all the data for each item into a sublist, put the item into a sub-list and use list levels…

This kind of thing, apologies I don’t have time to give you a proper example, but hopefully you get the idea… I’m sure the Dynamo primer has good info on this…

Hope that helps,


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Thanks Mark! This does help. I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

I got a bit further but i’m getting a odd output element IDs. It’s just cycling between two element IDs for some reason!! My BoolMask Out shows 500 results but those 500 items mostly share the same element ID…super odd


I think you want to simplify and play around a bit to better understand what’s going on… I suspect for simplicity you might want to split out the 2 streams of parameters… It’ll be a little less efficient but you’ll find easier to control… I think the problem is that your data structres aren’t aligned, so you’re getting outputs from your boolean mask that you’re not expecting.

Hope that helps,


Thanks, so I built it out and it does work without the BoolMask node but the script is much too big to replicate for all my excel rows. I need to find a solution to be able to run parallel inputs of Excel rows into Revit parameters. Any advice on what other thing I can try?
Asset Type Automation.dyn (160.0 KB)