Dynamo Newbie

Hey Community!

New to Dynamo and I’m having trouble catching on. I’d like to create a dynamo node where it reads an hvac system, let’s say the supply system, pulls the family types with quantities and separates those quantities by the type parameters selected.

Essentially to spit this data into excel, so something like this:

Model: Supply unit
Quantity: 14
Coil: Hot water
Option 1: Yes
Option 2: No

Anything will help,
Talk soon!

Check out the MEPover package, there is loads of MEP stuff there

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Hey, welcome to the community, another MEP engineer is always good.

First of all, I suggest you have read of dynamo primer and learn some basics, then repost a script that are struggling with.

But I’m happy to give you a few pointers!

Start with these nodes:

Category -> All Elements of Category.
(Choose Mechanical Equipment)

Then use nodes like GetParameterbyName to get the parameters you want. There is a built in Excel Write node too in dynamo. Good luck!

If you are looking at just pulling data in/out of excel, you could always create a schedule and use diroots sheetlink plugin?