Retrieve parameter list while in family editor

Hey All,

I have experience with retrieving info from items collected in the project environment, but I’m not sure where to start if I wanted to retrieve a list of all the parameters in the family that I’m currently editing (i.e. the active document). Any suggestions about where to start (what API class/methods I should be looking at)?


You want to be looking at the FamilyManager class in the revit api docs…

You can get the FamilyManager object from the Document class…


This gives you access to the parameters where you can get/set parameters within the context of an open and editable family. Please ensure you check if the open document is a Family Document first though as per the following…



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You’ve always got an answer for me - love it! Looks like there’s some handy methods in there - I’ll have a go and let you know what I can figure out. Thanks for steering me in the right direction!

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Anytime mate! Let us know if you hit another roadblock! :wink: