How to retrieve all existing Family Types in Family Document

Dear All,
I am trying to retrieve all InBuiltParameters of non-instantiated Family Types in a Family Document (GenericModel).

I am guessing, that I would Need to collect all Family Types first and then get their Parameters. However, I am unable to find the right FilteredElementCollector methodology in order to get a list of all newly created Family Types, which have not been instantiated.
Does anyone know, how to write the FilteredElementCollector correctly in the Revit API for this particular purpose?

Hi @PAnand

You can find a lot of information here

Thanks @Marcel_Rijsmus, however I was looking for a methodology in the revit api…

You could use OfClass(FamilySymbol) to filter all family types in the document.

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Thanks @Nick_Boyts, that type of filter would only help in retrieving all instantiated family types. What I was looking for is the following:

OfClass(FamilySymbol) should return all loaded family types.