Retractable roof structure

So I plan to use a retractable roof structure like the paper model I built.




the surfaces in revit are so…

here’s how I plan to approach it, to create two separate adaptive component families and place them at the quad points, but the problem arises , that the components are not perfectly joined from one to another.

So I’m looking for a solution which is in dynamo completely and addresses the entire surface.

<!–EndFragment–>Help would be appreciated , thanks :slight_smile:


Hey Indrajeet, I believe that doing it with adaptive components is probably a better choice , but anyway… here’s a proposition :slight_smile: hope it’s close enough to what you want. (dyn file here -> retract)

retractable roof

this would be based on a point , I think Ill do it as an adaptive component based approach by using uv diamonds on the surface, Thanks tho :slight_smile:


so i want to connect each point ( circled) by a diagonal line (dashed) .the problem i seem to face is that the points are all nested inside a list.

this is the first problem,



the second being ,

insert these points from list A into list b where each point from list a is inside list b in its preexisting nested list i.e. p1(from list a) goes into b1, p2 from a goes into b2 and such

please note that the items donot get replaced but are added into it. so the new list would have 5 items.

Capture2thanking you in advance cheers :slight_smile: