Aligning viewports of the same view on a single sheet


Say that I have a plan that I want to duplicate and apply a different crop region to each of the copies. To make this easier, let’s say I have two copies of the plan and that one crop region is a corner of that plan, while the other is everything else.

If I put these views on the same sheet, Revit will understand that they have common edges and will display guide lines for aligning these views.

My question is, can I access those guide lines in Dynamo somehow? If not, can I calculate where the viewports on the sheet need to be located to be aligned?

I know that I can get the viewports’ center and the max/min points of the bounding box, but I haven’t figured out how to use those to align the views. The problem is that the bounding box sizes differ from one plan to another, so I can’t use a template sheet to position the rest.

Not sure if any of this information helps-

  1. crop regions are openable as sketch windows, but more importantly can be copied and pasted from one view to another.

  2. Crop regions that are sqaure or rectangular and need to be normalized across multiple views is best done with a scope box that has the extents of the view and then assigning all the needed views to normalize that scope box in instance properties.

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Here is the link for the Guideline.

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Try something like this.

It doesn’t unfortunately. I’m using non rectangular crop regions. And I also copy and paste the crop regions using another script. But the viewports’ sizes aren’t the same.

I’ve tried what you are showing here, and also by manually placing the centres of the viewports with a script. I really don’t want to post the graph here since it will become very confusing (it’s a large graph with many inputs).

In essence, what I want is to calculate or get this distance (the x and y components of the distance):

And again, I can’t use a template sheet since the bounding boxes of the viewports are not the same size.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to place the uncropped views first, since they’d match that way? Then you apply the crop afterwards.


I aspire to achieve this level of out-of-the-box thinking. Thank you so much! :slight_smile: