Resizing sprinkler pipes according to how many sprinklers the pipes serve

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I see this topic has been discussed a lot but never resolved, so I wanted to see if someone could help me with this.
If I have a basic situation like this:

I need to resize the pipes in accordance with how many sprinklers that pipe is feeding. So for this pipe:

It would be feeding 8 sprinklers, therefore would have to be 80mm for example (Exaggerated)
The next pipe would have to be 60mm for example, because it is only feeding 6 sprinklers:

And this goes on and on until the last two sprinklers.

My question is, how would you go about determining how many sprinklers that particular pipe is feeding into? My first thought was to get all the connected elements and filter out the main pipe branch so it doesnt run along that route to the next set of sprinklers.
But then when you move on to the second pipe that I highlighted, you would need to filter out the first two sprinklers to make sure they are not adding to the sprinkler count of the second pipe, and so on and so forth.
Would this task then simply be a matter of getting the filtering right? Perhaps designing a filtering system that works with the flow direction of the pipe? Or is there perhaps a simpler solution to this?

Any and all feedback would be appreciated.
Thank you!

Two minute take:

MEPover package has a few network/system nodes that can help. You may need to play a bit with the logic though, since they tend to be geared towards upstream analysis vs downstream.


Sample logic:

Collect all terminals (sprinklers for you).
Collect connected piping, filter to relevant pipes if there are multi-connections (probably not relevant to you).
Collect upstream components (should produce a @L3 list based on each terminal you started with)
the finnicky part
Using the list of upstream components, produce a list of unique pipes (this is, in effect, your branch pipes).
Using that @L3 list of upstream components, count how many times each unique pipe shows up.
This count tells you how many sprinklers receive water from that pipe.

You’ll need to check if the mepover nodes require a system capable of analysis - they may not work if the system cannot determine flow direction, not sure how your company standards are set up to use/ignore this.

EDIT: Just tried to intentionally break one of our domestic water systems with bad families. It looks like the node is capable of analysis anyway.


Hi @mitchellpUDG9S
maybe if your pipingystem is connected (with tees) and if the numbers of sprinklers is function of the flow in the pipes,then you can change your pipe size in according to the flow into the pipes.

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Thanks very much for the detailed run down Robert, really appreciate the tips!
I’m going to have a look at this node now and see what I can find out.

Thanks for the help Paris, I will be looking into this as well!

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