Arrangement of sprinkler pipes

Hello community,
I have a thinking blockage … what do I have to adjust in my script so that the sprinkler pipes are aligned in the other direction (see red arrows)?
I have already tried several list methods, e.g. list transpose ect. did not work.

Package used: MEPover !


Thanks for your suggestions (:

Can you repost your image using Export Workspace As Image (camera icon in the top right)? Your current image is not legible. Make sure you are zoomed in so that the node titles are visible and you have node previews turned on so we can see what’s happening at each node. It also sounds like you meant to post a second image (there are no red arrows).

Hello, here are the images in the correct resolution with the node titles

We still need you to show the node previews under each node. Otherwise we have no idea what’s actually going on. You’re right in that a transpose is probably what you need, but we need to know your list structure to determine how to apply it.

Sorry I haven’t written a post here very often (: here is the script with the preview of the nodes

You’re failing to create lines because you’re providing coincident points. You’re sorting your connector locations and taking the first and last items but I think you only have one sublist, so they’re the same. I’m guessing this is all due to flattening your list of connectors.


What is the purpose to grouping by Z?

At no point in the process am I seeing a sorting of the groups by their X or Y - my guess is that the preview pipe route matches the copy-paste generation of the sprinkler heads.

Assuming the sprinkler head layout is orthogonal to XY axis, you’ll want to bin the sprinklers into similar X values. Otherwise you’ll need to provide the correct rotations before binning.

Once you bin into X-axis groups you can sort by Y to get the correct first/last point established.

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Sorry I’m late. But now it works as expected. I have to filter the connectors by Z points because they follow a sloping roof. Thank you both for the hints and solutions. You’re awesome!