Auto dimension MEP

Hi all,

I was looking for a solution to maneuli have to click lodes of nodes. Somthing like this

What i have found was the following topic How to give automatic dimension from pipe to wall And i thought this would be verie intresting to use for demensioning mep content.

So i came up whit thise variation:
only problem it aint dimensioning anithing. I would prefere to chain dimension multipol sprinkler entries. But I need to filter the input (I Think). Becouse if i select now it will select all the fittings, pipes and Sprinklers.

Could some one help me out thx


It’s difficult to know what you want to dimension without a picture of your elements.
Here is a quick example :


Good commend! thx :sweat_smile:

Could you share the dyn file?

Correct me if i’m wrong:
Will this only work whit walls in the same model?
Will it dimensnion all the pipes ore just the once in the active view?

Here I have a example of the spinklers and pipe and sprinkler to wall I would like to dimention

I dont think a can fully automate it but semi would be alreaday a big inprovement

You will need to adapt my example to your project.
You can filter the pipes and walls by view.

If your walls are in a linked model, the Dimensions.ByElements node will not work and you will need to use the Dimension ByReference node.

Dimension pipes to walls.dyn (33.0 KB)


@Alban_de_Chasteigner I will look in to this

Thx a lot for the kick start :smiley:

Which packages are you using for this script Spartan.

Please let me know

I’m trying replicate this for my project. I am in this case trying to dimension Duct (in my model) to walls that are linked in from an external Revit model. I’ve been able to select the correct walls and duct, but I’m having difficulty getting the dimension node to work. any help would be appreciated!

I’ve attached my current file along with a screenshot below:
Vertical Dimensions 2.dyn (59.3 KB)

Hi William,

Here is an example wit the Genius Loci package:

Dimension ducts and linked walls.dyn (34.1 KB)

Thank you so much Alban, that did the trick!

Hi Alban

I am trying to replicate this for my project.
But i have to implement the script for a central model, where both the HVAC-model with pipes and ARCH-model are linked models. In that case I am trying to dimension the linked pipes in the HVAC-model to walls in the linked ARCH model. I’am having some difficulty getting the dimension node to work.
Any help would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

I have attached a screenshot - (i’m not allowed to attach a file at the moment):

Hi @SPARTAN, were you able to get this tool working for your sprinkler pipe? If so would you be willing to share the .dyn file? :sweat_smile: