Pipe Open END Sprinkler placement

How can I select only this end of the pipes?
I mean need to filter only vertical open-end pies to place the sprinkler.

Sprinklar placemenet.dyn (58.3 KB)

My current script places the sprinkler on every vertical pipe end.

As a start, I think you can work with the connectors information and the slope of the pipes. First, you can analyze what pipes have both connectors connected to another pipe, you’re interested in the ones that have just one connector connected. Finally, you can filter those previous pipes to get the vertical ones using the slope parameter.


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Any idea how to connect after placing the sprinkler?

Hi @_Vijay
You could take a look at the Connector nodes from the MEPover package. With that you should be able to identify open connections and also connect elements with those open connections.
Here is a video showing some examples that might be of interest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGv09SLRuZI&t=2s

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Thanks, @T_Pover for the help and for the awesome Package.

Here is the final script. Hope it will help someone.

Sprinklar placemenet.dyn (78.9 KB)