Reset Profile of Multiple Walls / Run specific command on selections

Im trying to create structural drawings for a project we have done in revit. After copy/monitoring the walls and openings into a new file, ive notice that there were many joining problems due to walls retaining their modified profiles. When i tried to reset the profiles of multiple of them, the command greys out. is there a way to reset the profiles of multiple walls, or in essence, run a specific revit command through a list of selected elements? ie. run create parts command on queried elements from a revit link>?

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I have the same question, I haven’t seen a custom node to reset profile of walls with Dynamo yet

It is not a part of the api, that’s why.
You can try with a check if the wall is edited by ExporterIFCUtils.HasElevationProfile(Wall) and then try to go with WallUtils join/rejoin.

That’s not a direct answer but that’s what I would do.