Reset wall profile

Hi there,
is there a node or a way with Revit API in Revit 2021 to reset wall profile?
I read in this article that has been added in Revit 2022 but I’m wondering if it is possible to get it working even in Revit 2021.
Thanks in advance

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Doesn’t look like this will be that easy of a task in 2021 as in 2022.

Revit API Docs

You could look to “Duplicate” the wall by getting the location line, height, level etc from it and creating one in place of it, then delete.


Hi Sean, thanks for the hint.
It’s an interesting way to see things from another perspective.
I’ll try that out.
I have to dig how to get the location line, the rest is quite simple I guess.
I think I’ll try to get all parameters and then use a passthrough after that, then delete the original wall, then another passthrough before new wall creation.
Thanks again.