Reservation with linked file no wall

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I have a link file with all walls and other architectural thing.
I my electrical file i automaticaly put reservation on my cabletray.
I just want to know how get widht of wall and set my widht reservation.
Sorry for my english i am a french user.


He’ll help you with that in a “bounding box.” You can use Bounding Box ", and it will give you the value of width and height!


Vous pouvez utiliser "Bounding box " pour faire ça. Vous pouvez obtenir de valuer hauteur et de valeur largeur grace à bounding box!

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Hello @daniel82KGE

an example with BimorphNodes package

if you really have difficulty with English, there is a French-speaking forum

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Hi, thank’s,
English is not a problem to read.
I test and get your a return