Linked file

hi folks,
i need wall attached to the Revit linked file such as structure file .when my team and me worked architecture file the structure team changed height level the elements like beam and we will work all wall align with based on the structure Is it possible all wall attached to the linked file in dynamo.below attched photo for example…


I don’t think you can ‘attach’ to a linked element, but you could adjust the wall height so they don’t clash? If that is what you want?

Have a go at getting all the walls and linked structure, get their solids, intersect them & set the wall height accordingly.

Post your graph here with a couple of files and we’ll try to help :slight_smile:



Hi sir,
First of all sorry for delay reply.thanks for given your opinion.there are lot of wall here some wall clash to the beam and some wall clash the it will take lot of time if I manual adjust height of every wall.

In fact, @Mark exactly how you can start what you want. Please create a scenario to get help with this and we can support you