Get height and widht for door/window in linked ifc

I’ve been trying to get height and widht for doors and windows using dynamo.
It’s from a linked Ifc i’m trying to get the information and the Ifc is created from an Archicad model.
Is this task possible?

use Bimorphnodes packages

Thank you for your respond.
Could you be more specific in which nodes i need to use?

Check in your dynamo

Thanks for the script. The only problem is that the node Element.GetFromLinkedFile isn´t working!
Is there another node i can use to get the same result?

you can use Steamnodes package for Element.GetFromLinkedFile.

I get the warning “This custome node contains an invalid input. Please fix the input before saving the custome node”.

Are you using latest version of steamnodes package.??

if not you are use down version of package. then try again

This is the version i use.


you can use 1.2.1 version.

i hope it’s working.

Thank you for your help.
I will download that version and try again.

The version seems to be working. But i dont get the dimensions from doors.

can you post image of Door Property?
Instance & Edit type Property.