Electrical equitment dont receive room and nr from linked file

Hi, im trying to get familys in my electrical model to get the architect room name and number in a shared parameter to see whats inside a room i a schedule
all works except electrical equitment ( panel ) from my content but it works using revit panel that comes from autodesk treaining file ( thats my ark file ) so made a copy to my project .
Does anybody know why my panel cant get the parameters true Dynamo

ElectricalRoomAndNumber_NIKL.dyn (114.4 KB)revit files ( EL is the mail file )

maybe this?


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You should read this :

Add a picture of your graph and add your panel family to your original post for accurate help.

Hi ,
now i providet my script for names form linked family
but im new user so must not opload my rvt files

Nope i tryed that as well

You can upload your revit files with a dropbox link or whatever.

Can you add the previews under nodes in your picture and the texts of the error bubbles ?
It will help.

I made a link in my first text to the rvt models