Requirement for feed back in Dynamo Player

What are the requirements for feed back in Dynamo Player

I thought that all you needed were Watch Nodes that either werre Renamed and/or ‘Is-Output’ toggled on.
But this isn’t working for me.

What am I doing wrong?

. Capture4

I believe only named watch nodes are outputted to player.

I did that if you look at the image.
I did that.

Michael isn’t ever wrong, :smiley:

So either it’s something with your setup, or it’s a bug…

Perhaps do the old turn it off and on again, then maybe give us a screenshot of Player with the inputs and all? And maybe your Dynamo / Revit specs?

Apologies I’m not of more help…


Your current selection is the count node. Select the watch node and then right click and let us know what it says.

I deleted the Watch Nodes, then, renamed and toggled Is Output on the Watch nodes and refreshed Dynamo Player.

Output to the user shows up now as it should.

Thanks for your help.

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