Floor Plan System Family

Hello everyone,

My goal is to add a parameter to the floor plan family that allows me to control the visibility of plumbing & electrical fixtures. I understand I could simply use visibility graphics to control the visibility of those families but I’d the ability to control it from my properties browser. A simple check box would be sufficient but I’m unaware of a way to add a parameter to a system family.

If a visibility check box is not an option;
I’ve thought about using a shortcut key command to control visibility but I haven’t had any luck with that either.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

This doesn’t really sound like a Dynamo problem, but let me make sure I understand your situation first…

You want a check box under your floor plan properties that will toggle fixture visibility within the view? That’s not possible. The visibility parameter would have to be assigned to the fixtures you want to control. Then you’d just have to setup a filter. Dynamo still has to follow the rules of Revit. You can’t automate something that isn’t possible to begin with.