[Request for Feedback] TuneUp: Per node execution times

Maybe you are right, I should probably experiment more and try to go deeper :slight_smile:

Another thing I thought about - it would be amazing if the execution time could be taken as an output, I have been thinking for a while it would be nice to have that information for each run, even when graphs are used through Dynamo Player.

Anyway, the tool is amazing and I can’t wait to see how it will be developed in future!


if you can find some simple to reproduce cases with your files where incorrect times are reported etc - please file an issue to the tuneup repo - or a PR!


Just wana say this is fantastic :star_struck:

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I installed the latest version from package manager 1.0.7 it in Dynamo of Revit 2022 and Revit 2021 which have by default versions of Dynamo 2.5+ but i do not see the functions anywhere in the interface or options, how to enable the package tune up?

Restart your CPU to make sure TuneUp can load and nothing is ‘using it’ and then look into the ‘View’ menu in Dynamo.

error installing, does it work only in newer dynamo or revit versions than 2021?

Works fine in 2021 - your not facing a package error but an installation one. Make sure you don’t have any conflicts, the previous version isn’t installed and in use, and that your package directory is the default app data one.

I see a directory created C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\RVT 2022\Dynamo\2.10\packages\TuneUp, although nothing appears like if not installed, do I need to manually install it from a directory?

You don’t have write access to that directory. Installation location should be in your appdata directory (one user only) not program data (entire system).

Does tuneup work in R25?

Not at this time. :frowning:

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Its being updated right now! Then improved after the base works :blush:

Any further information @Aaron_Tang ?

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@ashish.ganta Is in the process of re-publishing it, will let you guys know once it’s out there