[Request for Feedback] TuneUp: Per node execution times

Hi, @solamour,

Can we have an option for descending sorting of execution times?
As TuneUp is made for speed up, it will be handy to see longest times by default by single click.


Hi @Vladimir -

You can already do this! You can click on any of the # , Name , or Execution Time (ms) and it will sort them in descending or ascending order … just click a couple of times :slight_smile:

It will be better to get long times at first click at column, short times with second click,
as we want to reduce “time expensive” nodes at first. Sorting takes a long time on big scripts, so we can get handy info faster. Thanks!


Hello :slight_smile:

I´m so happy i have found TuneUp! It helped me make my scripts faster and it´s so interesting!
A little request from me because i´m currently testing scripts that take hours: Would be nice to get the complete runtime in minutes if the script runs longer than a few minutes.

Thank you so much for your great work :smiley: :+1:

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Just wanted to add, that TuneUp only works in 50% of my runs.
The other 50% it just gives me all nodes as “not executed”.

So even the exact same script, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn´t.

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Hello Gerhard,

Glad you found TuneUp and love using it! I too am super excited to have it out there to help you improve your scripts. We’ve also found things that are slow that we have improved :smiley:

Hrm… strange. I wonder if it’s due to the extremely long runtimes of your scripts? If you are willing to share, feel free to DM me and we can investigate :slight_smile:

Not executed is usually due tot he node having previously run, and therefore the node is in a different state. Force Re-Execute should resolve. Otherwise reach out as @solamour indicated.

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In my case thats definitely not the problem. Because of the run times I´m super careful before the run. I open the skript, make sure to open TuneUp before running and then run the script.
The first times i thought I´m stupid and forgot to open tuneup before i ran the script. But now it happend so often that I´m sure it´s not my fault.

And i don´t think it´s because of the long runtime, because if it works i see entries in tuneup just after starting the script. If it doesn´t work i see nothing.

I will get back to you Sol! Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hello @solamour :slight_smile:
It´s been a while, sorry for that^^ but I´m still a big fan of TuneUp, every script can be improved with it and for me its a great benefit that i know when which node is running!

I figured out the problem i had earlier and now there is another one.

  1. TuneUp only works one time after opening it. Even if i close and open a script several times TuneUp wont run again. You have to hide TuneUp and show TuneUp again, then it works again for one run. But yes using the function Force ReExecute also works.

  2. Sometimes I´m getting completely wrong values. See this example, real runtime was a few seconds.

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Hi @gerhard.p - Very strange. We will be looking at TuneUp to make sure it works in the 2.13 release (Currently doesn’t) and can look at this too.

We just need a way to reproduce this - are you willing to share you set-up and graph that this ran on? Can do so privately if that helps :slight_smile:

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Hey @solamour

Here is a gif of issue 1, tuneUp doesnt run because it already did one time before.


This happens with all scripts. Revit 2021 and 2022.

I have to close and open tuneup, close and open dynamo or press the “force reexecute” button instead of the dynamo run button.
So not really an issue if i would remember to only use the reexecute button when using TuneUp^^

Issue 2 was very rare, when it happens again i will make sure to collect all informations and get back to you!

It´s really great that nodes get highlighted in dynamo when i select them in tuneup. But would it also work the outher way around? That would be nice :smiley:

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@solamour the issue reproduces quite readily in Dynamo Sandbox 2.13 and 2.8 with the latest version of TuneUp on a graph that creates a single point, so there is no Revit requirement or conflict. I haven’t tested 2.5 (first possible build for tuneup) or other builds.

  1. Open graph.
  2. check speed via tuneup
  3. close graph
  4. reopen the same graph
  5. no results in TuneUp just like the GIF feom @gerhard.p above.