Replacing Spot Elevations with Families

For a lovely project, don’t ask i’m ashamed ;), we need to use a different offset from Sea Level so I cannot use Shared Coordinates, not even temporarely.

So my idea is to create fake… everything. Basically Levels and Spot Elevation.

So for Levels it was easy as I was just reading a parameter value, adding the offset and pushing that back in a fake family.

For Spot Elevation it’s a different story since the value is not store in a parameter. So my idea is to use the (Single/Upper Value) and add the offset. Write that to a parameter… but they don’t have parameter. So the idea is to simply replace them with a new fake family.

So far i’m able to get the value, get the location but I cannot find a way to place an annotation symbol to some specific views. I will be “replacing” them on a set series of Floor Plan.

I’ve attached the definition

Fake Elevation

I’ve been able to replace them with a Generic Model Family but i would rather use a Generic Annotation. I’m guessing i have to find all the views where i have Spot Elevations first but i cannot find that “property”.

Any help is again much appreciated :slight_smile: