Spot Coordinates Tag

looking to add a spot coordinate to a particular generic family. but I’m not sure where to start on this one, anyone got any pointers?

Can you elaborate a bit more, any example would help… It is usually not possible (out of the box in Revit) to place spot elevation/coordinates within the faces of complex and non planar imported geometries (which usually people create as Generic families), to overcome this issue I’ve done a workaround in tge past with Dynamo that would define points of tagging (you can use gridlines intersections, or if you draw a grid of model lines and use them to generate the intersection points for the tags locations) then use ReferenceIntersector (easy to access via python) to shoot vectors vertically (or any specifc direction you may want, can be a view’s normal vector for example) that would intersect the geometry of the generic family and use the family as the reference host of the tag and the point position as the intersection of the vector and family faces.

(sorry for the long text, I’m writing this from my phone and don’t have Dynamo handy for screen shots)

Hi Ali,

Sorry i missed your reply and i am only now revisiting this as it has cropped up in conversion. What I’m trying to recreate is a dynamo that would produce the spot coordinates to penetrations shown in the snip below. we are using generic models with a pipe, opening and symbol within the family.