Revit Batch Processor - BIM360 Cloud Models - File Paths

Hi, I would appreciate help with finding away to get multiple models file paths from cloud workshared models on BIM360 to feed to BVN Revit Batch processor to run Dynamo / Python scripts.

I understand, according to RBP Github, the file paths need to be in the below formats

The format for specifying a cloud model in the Revit file list is:

  • <Revit version> <Project Guid> <Model Guid>
  • Note: these three components must be separated by space(s) (not tabs!).
  • e.g. 2020 75b6464c-ba0f-4529-b049-0de9e473c2d6 0d54b8cc-3837-4df2-8c8e-0a94f4828868

As am not a Forge user, wondering what would be the best/fastest approach to get the paths according to the above formats.

Appreciate your prompt help!