BVN Batch Processor Question for BIM 360

Hello everyone,

I’m planning on running some BIM 360 files that I have with BVN Batch Processor.

I followed what they suggested from Github,

and was able to run BIM 360 files.

However, I’m getting errors all of the sudden and BVN is not being able to run any BIM 360 files.

Perhaps this is not the best place to ask BVN questions but their Github’s Q/A forum is pretty dead and I would love to get any suggestion or help from this community.

I tried various ways to figure out what’s happening but no good. its so weird that it just happened.

Thank you very much!

Are you trying to access a EU BIM 360 server?

I dont think so - we have both but what I ran are on US server. Does that make a difference? I was able to run last week very normally but all of the sudden its crashing - same files.

I can use it successfully on US server but not on EU … sadly

Is the file opening?