Replacement for rhythm OpenDocumentFile node?

I am working through the 4-part Autodesk University course from 2019 on Dynamo for BIM managers. In part 3, one of the ‘Shippable Scripts’ uses rhythm’s node Applications.OpenDocumentFile node. I have Revit 2021 and the latest version of Dynamo and rhythm, and that node has been removed in the latest version. Does anyone have a suggestion for another node to use here (or a workaround)?


Hmm, try this latest update. I was very very close to removing it permanently, but I changed my mind. (TLDR: The dynamo team needs to change some stuff for those nodes to work reliably.)


and this is how the library should look after:

Thanks for the quick response - it works great now! I wrongly assumed that since I just downloaded Rhythm a few months ago, I had the most recent version - you guys are on it! :slight_smile:

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any python version to use?

It’s not removed, the code is open source for you to see… I say take a look and try to make it in python.

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