Rhythm package - application.opendocument node

Hey all - I’m trying to to open local copies of a central workshared model - currently the only thing I have found that does something similar is Rhythm’s opendocument node. My problem is that this node directly opens the central model, which is not what I want. I’m hoping I can open local copies of several models and sync and close them after I am done…any idea how to do this? Python? I don’t want to open detached from central.
Here’s a screenshot of my .dyn. I only have 2 models linked to the opendoc node at the moment but at some point there will be 10+. The rest of my script is loading families from a folder into all of these projects, but that shouldn’t matter for this question.

A note on ‘working’ in central from the Revit OpEd: http://revitoped.blogspot.com/2012/09/working-in-central-file.html